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"MY BIRTHDAY"-Karla Crisan

I love to celebrate my birthday. It was very interesting how I celebrated it last year. It was a sunny Sunday. I was very excited because I was on my way to the place where I was going to throw my birthday party. A place called "Escape Room". All the people arrived at the place. My friends gave me the gifts, then we entered a room from where we had to escape. It was hard, but we did it. Then the pizza arrived. It was delicious. After we ate it all we started to play Twister. I was excited because the cake arrived.

"Happy birthday to youuuuu!!!"

It was with eleven candles and the flavour was...chocolate. I was sad when the party finished.


"THE WHITE TIGER"-Ciausescu Daria

The White tiger is a rare form of Bengal tiger with a unique gene. Like all Bengal tigers they used to live in the wild in Asia and India. Currently,there are no White tigers in the wild. All of them live in captivity.It is not a sub-species of tiger as some people think. It has a creamy white coat,blue eyes and gray or brown stripes.They have an enzyme that causes a reaction in their fur turning it darker when exposed to colder temperatures.White tigers can weigh up to around 570 pounds and they can grow to be more then 10 feet long.They can run very fast at around 60 miles per hour. They live around 10-20 years.


"Visiting London"-Frent Maria

Day one

I am in London for the first time because my aunt and uncle invited us. Today we are visiting London Eye. I am with my mom and dad. They are excited to see London from the sky. Izabela and Paul, my aunt and uncle are with us and they are showing us around. We are looking forward to see how London Bridge is opening.

Day two

I’m curious how long a real whale is, but I am also really curious to see a copy of a T-Rex in the History Museum.


"IN DUBAI"-Igna Stefania

Day 1

Me and my family arrived at the hotel in the morning. I am unpacking my luggage, while my mom is drinking a cup of coffee. We ate a snack, then we went out for a walk. We took a lot of pictures during the day. We took the metro to Burj Khalifa. There, we took the elevator to the top of the tower. The view is amazing! After that we visited the Dubai Mall, which is the biggest mall from the Emirates. After a couple of hours of shopping we went on the terrace to eat and to enjoy the view of the fountain. After this full day we went back to the hotel to have a good sleep.

Day 2

We woke up happy to start a new day. We cannot wait to see the beach and to swim in the beautiful sea. We spent the whole day on this wonderful beach because the weather is great. At the end of the day we took a long walk through the old town.

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