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Proiecte Engleza cls. a 5-a - Entry 2 of 5

"ABOUT ME"-Ioan Gabriel

My name in Negrea Ioan Gabriel and I am 11 years old. I study at "Nicolae Balcescu" Highscchool, in Cluj-Napoca.

I love my family and sports like: football, basketball and dancing. I also like video-games such as CS:GO, Fortnite and Fifa 17. I usually play them on my computer over the weekend.

That is me!! I want you to leave a comment about you. Tell me if you also play one of my favourite video-games too! I can not wait to find out more about you!


Puiu Razvan Andrei

It’s weekend. We are in Cluj at the Adrenalin Park. Today we are spending time with my friends and my brother. We are four in the group. Tudor, he is my best friend. I have known him for eight years. He is very passionate about wild animals. His sister, Ilinca is coming for us. Tudor is my brother and he likes the adventure. And finally, there’s me. I love spending time in nature. Today we are climbing a difficult route but I’m having a good time. The routes are through the trees. Because it is autumn the clouds of nature are very beautiful. Everyone is laughing.


"MY FAVOURITE BOOK"-Crisan Sidonia

My favourite book is “Matilda”. This book is about a simple but very smart girl. Her parents neglect her, destroy the book and ask her to watch TV. Matilda plays different tricks on her parents. At school, Matilda meets miss Honey. Matilda notices that she has the power to control different objects with the power of mind. Matilda uses this power to destroy Ms. Thrunchbull (the head teacher).


"ABOUT FRIENDSHIP"-Costea Andrei George

Friendship is a wonderful thing that gives us life.Friendships are bonds that are formed between people. Some of the most important traits of friendship are trust, honesty and respect.

I think without friends no one can live.I consider myself lucky to have real friends with whom. I can talk anytime. Often they are the ones who provide me with the energy I need for the whole day. We have learned to have fun together, to learn from each other and most importantly to respect and support each other as needed. We should always cherish true friends because beautiful memories can be formed with them.

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Proiecte Engleza cls. a 5-a Entry 5 of 5

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