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Proiecte engleza cls. a 5-a - Entry 1 of 5

"A DAY AT THE ZOO"-Nianiou Lia Ilektra

It’s spring, in May. We are at the ZOO with my dog, Hector, because I have been thinking about coming here for a few weeks.

I buy tickets and Kitty, my friend, is coming, too. She is also bringing her dog, Leo, which is a Yorkshire Terrier. Leo likes to play with my dog Hector.

We stop at the kiosk to buy water and then the dogs start barking at the animals. The animals start to talk to the dogs and the dogs bark more and more.

After a little time, some clouds appear in the sky and it starts raining. We run to the kiosk and the dogs are very excited.

After a short time, the rains stops and the rainbow starts shining brightly. The dogs are very happy and curious to see more animals.

Now the ZOO is closing and we go home extremely happy.


"PANDA BEAR"-Pintea Celia Teodora

Day 1

It is the first day of the week after a long weekend. Now I am in China looking for panda bears. This very cute species lives peacefully in many areas of China. But with time, people started spreading and destroyed the forests and the bears lost their territories.

My family and I go hiking very often. My sister is here too, but she gets tired quickly and is scared of anything.

Day 2

It is the second day of the week. I am here with my family admiring the panda bears. They are very cute. We try not to make too much noise because it scares them.

Everybody is happy! :)



Day 1

I'm at the Vladeasa Mountains. It's the first day of a big adventure. Today we're fishing and I'm very happy.

There are four of us in the group. The group leader, Ciprian, is my dad and he loves fishing. My mum is with us and she is scared when she sees a snake.My brother is here, too, and he is only two.

Day 2

I'm tired because we're climbing mountains today. Tonight we're sleeping in a tent and my dad is building a fire. All is great.



The last trip before my brother came to the world was in Tunisia . From the airport we left by minibus with a family from Baia Sprie to the Nour Palace Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we checked-in, stayed there for a bit and went to visit the surroundings. The next morning we served breakfast and then we enjoyed all day in the sun and with activities at the hotel. In the evening there were many shows and the activity we participated in. The third day we did the same activities and following that, on the fourth day we went on a country trip. We left in the morning by minibus from Mahdia and met the other hikers from Colosseum. Of all the places I visited, I was most impressed by the Sahara Desert and the camel rides . We went back to the hotel where I did not have a friend and spent the rest of the day with the family from Baia Sprie.

It was a wonderful holiday that I will not forget.

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