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The Artist at Work

Have you ever had the chance to admire an artist creating art? You become part of it, you are inspired and motivated yourself to leave your mark behind, be it on a piece of paper or on a school wall. The painting comes to life at the touch of Bianca magic fingers, instilling in us the pride that we belong together, as her teachers or classmates.

Bianca takes us on an adventure of rediscovering British culture and literature and we embark without hesitation alongside with the famous detective Sherlock Holmes ready to solve intriguing mysteries, we enjoy a free ride on the British Underground, we take a quick glimpse in Harry Potter’s fantasy world, we benefit from a breath of fresh air from our tiring school day when we set eyes on the fairy and the forverer in love Romeo and his Juliet.

The mushrooms have become a trademark of Bianca’s work, since they are a sweet reminder of the time she used to pick them up as a child spending gloriuos summer days in her grandma’s village. They are the perfect symbol of hidden beauty, their hats revealing partial insight into their fantastic little world.

The red phone box is a souvenir of a more than enjoyable trip to Britain, our way of communicating with the past, while Alice in Wonderland is facing her dillema to drink or not to drink the potion, to eat or not to eat the cake. Hamlet completes the picture while trying to answer his question -to be or not to be- realizing that life is too short not to enjoy it to the maximum.

Five months and almost 90 hours of work that is what it takes to paint a wall that will broaden our horizon, will brighten up our day, will make us realize that school is more than just studying, it can be fun and imaginative, seen through the eyes of an extremely talented student.

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